Top 10 Cooking Stories… for better or worse!

Posted on August 26th, 2013

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our Magnificent Taste VIP giveaway! The range of cooking experiences was quite entertaining.  So much so, we wanted to share our Top 10 responses. Enjoy!


What is your best or worst cooking experience?

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When I made lasagna with a friend and the sauce /cheese started spewing out above the pan – too many ingredients, too little pan! Ucky!
-Lauri Jaffe

I burned RICE…yes rice. So badly that I had to throw the pot itself away!
– Rachel Kieft

Having to throw a pop tart off a 13th floor balcony . The poptart caught on fire in the toaster.
– Catherine Vidal

My first gumbo, using an old New Orleans recipe. Delish!
– Bill Flynn

Replaced sugar w/frosted flakes for a crowd of 300+ for a desert recipe. Best experience!!!
– Kevan Works

I was making chocolate cups by dunking balloons in chocolate.The kitchen was warm so they started popping. The chocolate was everywhere!
– Nancy Pipp

Had returned from my honeymoon & my husband asked, “What’s for dinner” and I said a restaurant.
– Jackie Brandstein

BEST! When I made Taco cupcakes – We were going to make Nachos when my boyfriend suggested we put them in a cupcake tray! Best Idea !
– Emily Guadagno

I bought the largest turkey I could find only to realize it didn’t fit in a standard oven. Ended up sawing it in half.
– Julie Fallo

My best experience is when I got a compliment from my boyfriend’s 100% Italian grandma saying the pasta I made reminded her of home.
-Sandy Wong


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