What is a Salumeria?

Posted on June 26th, 2014


  1. (chiefly in Italy) a delicatessen.
    “mortadella occupies pride of place in any salumeria”

To most Americans this is a foreign word. You might even react with, “Saluma-what?” Never fear – we’re here to tell you all you need to know about this amazing concept.  Let’s begin with the star of the show, the slicer!



The slicer at Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush is an original handmade and hand-painted 1934 Van Berkel. Berkel is the first slicing machine to be produced by the inventor Van Berkel. The Berkel slicer is the only slicer in the world operated by hand rather than electric, which keeps the blade cold when slicing the meat, and therefore does not heat or ‘cook’ the meat when it hits the blade, producing the freshest slices of meat. This salumeria slicer has a 430mm blade, which is the largest blade made by the company. The slicer at 437 Rush was handmade in Italy, with pieces of metal sent over from Netherland, the original factory it was born in. The machine cuts meat so thin that if you held it up taught over a newspaper, you would be able to read through it!

That’s impressive and all, but what kind of meat are we slicing on this Berkel?!  This is where we turn it over to our friends at In Good Taste Magazine. Editor Maris Callahan spent an afternoon with Chef Christian Fantoni at our renown salumeria bar and he taught her everything one needs to know about making a charcuterie board to rival even the best Italian chef’s. She details the characteristics of each meat and cheese beautifully! Read the delicious details here.



We hope what you’ve learned here today will inspire you to come visit us and taste for yourself how spectacular a salumeria is!

PRO TIP: Every Wednesday in the bar you can enjoy an antipasto plate (sliced fresh from the salumeria) paired with a wine tasting flight for only $26.

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